10.2012 | The cliffs, in The Last Magazine |

Bertrand Fleuret’s work deals with memory. His earlier Landmasses and Railways (also published by J&L in a larger format than The Cliffs) compiled a selection of seemingly loosely-related black-and-white images that created the impression of a dimly remembered journey. The Cliffs, a small, handsome volume of sixty-eight pages, recreates an unusually vivid dream Fleuret experienced. The cover presents a textual account of Fleuret’s dream, originally written in a notebook upon waking. Inside, each page depicts a single image against a stark black background, illustrating a line or two of text. Most of the images are Fleuret’s own original photographs, though some were (intriguingly) sourced from vintage ads and dusty copies of National Geographic. The Cliffs concludes with several pages of reproductions of Fleuret’s sketches and notes on the dream. A great book for the bedside table.

By Kevin Greenberg.

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