09.12.2015 | It's Nice That: Photographer's Gallery on Landmasses and Railways


Bertrand Fleuret: Landmasses and Railways

This book seems to be a mystery, yet that’s one of the aspects I love about it. Who is Bertrand Fleuret? I only know of three small books by him and that he’s a French photographer in his 40s. In this book we find two characters that Fleuret links to his work through quotes: Paul Bowles and William Gedney. “All facts lead eventually to mysteries “ says Gedney, and this could work as a strapline for the book. For me, this might also serve as the key to all the photobooks I love. The title is taken from Paul Bowles and it’s perfect. The book vaguely describes a journey, from the centre of our civilisation(s) into the overgrown wilderness, like someone unknown to us roaming through an unknown dystopian world or the post-apocalyptic worlds of the French comic artist Moebius. A true masterclass in editing and sequencing, this book is electric and stays with you.

– Martin Steininger, deputy bookshop manager

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